booking conditions

Booking conditions for short-term rental

1.    Subject of the contract

2.    Varaus ja maksaminen

3.    Kohteella

4.    Vieraan velvollisuudet ja uloskirjautuminen

5.    Vastuunrajoitus

6.    Ylivoimainen este

7.    Kommentit ja palaute

8.    Sopimuksessa käytettävät käsitteet ja osapuolet

1. Subject of the contract

By accepting the terms of the booking, you sign a lease with the landlord.

Compliance with the terms and conditions of the rental of a short-term rental property is mandatory for both parties from the moment the Guest pays the full rental price.

The lease agreement is made only between the Guest and the Landlord. The service provider is not a party to the lease.

2. Booking and payment

The renter must be of legal age (18 or older) at the time of booking.

Reservations are made through the Service by making a Reservation Request for the offer in whole or in part (for the entire validity of the offer or part thereof). When making a booking request, the renter decides independently whether or not to follow the standard terms of the offer.

The landlord will process the booking request. During the processing of the order, the landlord has the right to change it in whole or in part, including the rental price, the prices of the additional services provided by the landlord and the composition. Especially in the case of a non-standard request for a particular offer. Once the Landlord has confirmed the order, all confirmed prices will be deemed confirmed by the Landlord.

The Guest is obliged to pay for his order through the Payment Service Provider in full during the validity period of the order request.

The Guest has the right to cancel the reservation / order until the order / reservation has been paid or the order request has expired.

The Guest has the right to order and pay for the additional services provided by the Landlord no later than 7 days before arrival. The availability and prices of additional services cannot be guaranteed if they are ordered separately from the time of booking. The Landlord may change the prices and composition of the additional services at their own discretion until the order request is confirmed.

The validity of the booking request is 24 hours from the moment the Landlord has confirmed the booking request, unless otherwise stated. The validity period of the additional service request is 72 hours from the moment the Landlord has confirmed the additional service request, unless otherwise stated.

An amount of 3% of the total order value (service charge) is added to the total price of the order. The paid order is not subject to the right of return, this means that the payment for the paid order is non-refundable.

In special situations, with the agreement of both parties, the reservation can be transferred to another time period. The service provider does not control this type of contract and is not responsible for arranging or executing it.

The Guest has the right to insure the trip / stay independently by choosing the insurance company and the relevant type of insurance, such as cancellation and interruption of the trip, medical expenses and emergency travel assistance, loss of and damage to luggage.

3. At the destination

Voucher (Order Confirmation) is a document that serves as a confirmation of the booking and contains the rental period, arrival and departure times, group composition, information on ordered additional services.

The rental property is available to guests within the time limits specified in the voucher. Only guests mentioned in the voucher can stay in and around the rental property.

If the Guest does not notify the Landlord of any errors, omissions or inconsistencies found at the property within 24 hours of the check-in, the Landlord has the right not to accept complaints after 24 hours. If the Guest submits complaints, the Landlord is obliged to solve them immediately or as soon as possible.

The Guest is entitled to all services and use of the goods, both included in the rent and mentioned in the voucher.

The cleaning of the property during the rental period is the responsibility of the Guest.

Guests must use their own linen, unless ordered separately.

Parties and events at the site are prohibited without the permission of the Landlord. Permission to hold parties and other events at the property may incur an additional charge.

The use of a tent, caravan, hot tub, or other similar equipment rented from third parties in the area of ​​the site is prohibited without the permission of the Landlord. The landlord may charge an additional fee for allowing the use of the equipment in question.

Indoor smoking is prohibited. Smoking in the area of ​​the property may be permitted by the Landlord.

Pets must be agreed with the Landlord at the time of booking. Some properties may have an additional fee by the Landlord for bringing pets to the property.

The rent includes electricity, water and any other bills related to the maintenance of the property, unless otherwise stated.

Detergents, basic spices, toilet paper and kitchen towels are not included in the rent.

The Landlord has the right to charge the Guest a security deposit, the amount of which is mentioned in the information in the Offer, to make sure the Guest fulfills their responsibilities and in case if any damage occurs. The Landlord will refund the security deposit to the Guest after checking the condition of the property at the end of the rental period. The Landlord has the right to deduct damage repair costs, extra cleaning costs and other similar related costs from the refundable security deposit.

Additional terms and conditions and other instructions related to living in the property will be published by the Landlord in the "Arrival Information" section. The Guest will have access to these materials after payment of the order and will be required to comply with them.

The Landlord is responsible for the condition of the property. The Landlord is obliged to arrange a major cleaning of the property at least once a year.

4. Guest Responsibilities and Check Out

On the day of departure, the handover of the keys and the refund of the security deposit must be agreed in advance with the Landlord.

The Guest is responsible for any damage to the Rental Property. Damage must be reported immediately to the Landlord. The Guest is obliged to compensate the Landlord for any damage caused.

The final cleaning of the property on the day of departure is the responsibility of the Guest, unless otherwise stated in the description of the offer. It is usually possible to order final cleaning at the time of booking.

If the Guest does the final cleaning, the final cleaning must be carried out according to the instructions in the "Arrival information" section.

If the final cleaning is ordered and paid for as an additional service or is included in the rent, this does not release the Guest from the obligation to take care of washing the dishes, removing the rubbish and putting the dishes and furniture in place. The Guest is responsible to take any leftover food to the trash or with them upon departure. The destination and its area must be left clean / tidy after departure.

5. Limitation of Liability

Information on the available services can be found in the description of the rental property. The Landlord is responsible for the information and proposals concerning the leased property.

The Service and / or the Service Provider is not responsible for payments made by Users in the Service, outside the Service or otherwise.

The Service and / or Service Provider shall not be liable for any damages, accidents or crimes occurring during the rental period.

The Service and / or the Service Provider is not responsible for agreements and payments made outside the Service and is not responsible for the taxation or insurance of the Users (Landlord&Guest).

The Service and / or the Service Provider is not responsible for the accuracy, correctness and legality of the user data, the data provided by the Users in the Service, or whether the User (Landlord) is legally entitled to rent the Object.

6. Force majeure

In the event of a force majeure, both the Service Provider and the User shall be released from their obligations under these terms and conditions insofar as compliance with the obligations has been prevented and until the force majeure is removed.

The system is not liable for damages caused by force majeure or unreasonable operational difficulties for a similar reason. Such a reason could be, for example:

• Natural disasters

• Actions by the authorities
• War or its threat or rebellion
• System-independent disruptions related to mail, automatic data processing, telecommunications, other electronic communications, or the availability of electricity, such as power, cable, or telecommunications outages.
• Disruption of financial institutions
• Interruption or delay of the system due to fire or other accident
• Strike, blockade, boycott, even if it does not affect the System.

Force majeure or any other circumstance mentioned above entitles the Service Provider to temporarily suspend the operation of the Service.

The Service Provider shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential damages to the Users (Guests or Landlords), such as loss of revenue or other similar damages.

7. Comments and feedback

The Guest will clarify all problems and questions with the Landlord.
The Guest has the right to seek help from the Consumer Protection Board (

The Parties shall endeavor to resolve any differences arising from this Agreement through mutual negotiations. If no agreement is reached during the negotiations, disputes will be settled in the district court. Finnish law applies to this agreement.

8. Definitions

Service provider - the company behind the website.

Service / System - website and the service offered on the website.

Object / Rental property / Site - a cottage, apartment or other object intended for short-term accommodation, the related offers of which are found and sold by the Service.

User / Landlord - the owner of the rental property and / or their representative who has the right to handle the owner's rental property.

Guest / renter - The person in whose name the offer is purchased and who will be staying and / or visiting the place.

Payment Service Provider -
Paytrail Plc acts as a collecting payment service provider and is an authorized Payment Institution. Paytrail Plc will be shown as the recipient on your bank or credit card statement. Paytrail Plc will forward the payment to the merchant. For reclamations, please contact the website the payment was made to.
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