Final clening intruction

Cottage cleaning instructions

When cleaning the cottage yourself, you will need to complete the following cleaning steps

(mark each field as complete so the owner can accept the cleaning):


□ empty rubbish containers. Replace garbage bags.

□ throw rubbish bags into rubbish bins; separate waste (cardboard, glass, metal).

□ Empty and clean the refrigerator

□ Pick up empty bottles and cans with you

□ wash the dishes and put the dishes back in their place. Empty the dishwasher.

□ Wipe all surfaces, including kitchen tables

□ wash kitchen appliances (coffee maker, kettle, etc.).

□ wash the stove, oven, cooker hood and microwave.

Living room, hallway, bedrooms, loft:

□ Remove the linens, place used linens next to the bed.

□ Wipe dust and dirt off the living room surfaces (remember window sills).

□ Vacuum floors and carpets, wipe floors

□ Empty the ashtray of the fireplace

WC / bathroom:

□ Wash and dry the sink and taps.

□ Wipe the top of the toilet thoroughly. Clean the toilet with a toilet brush with disinfectant.

□ Wipe dust and dirt off the mirror.

□ Vacuum the floor and wipe it dry with a microfiber mop.


□ sauna cleaning – same as ws / bathroom cleaning above

□ Remove the ash from the sauna and bring firewood for the following guests

□ Wipe the floor.

In all rooms:

□ ventilate all rooms.

□ Vacuum (wipe) floors (note under beds, wardrobes and sofas).

□ Wipe the floors

□ If there was a pet in the cabin, it is necessary to vacuum the upholstery of the sofas and also take care of the cleanliness of the yard

□ when using outdoor grills, it is necessary to remove the ash and clean it. Sweep the floor and bring firewood.

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